Professor Peter W. Graham

Director of International Relations for the Messolonghi Byron Research Center

Professor Peter W. Graham, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

As Director of International Relations for the Messolonghi Byron Research Center, I'd like to welcome you to the site itself, its growing collection of research materials, and its varied range of programs and conferences. Envisioned by Messolonghiots and chiefly made possible by a collaboration of local, regional, and national efforts, the Center is supported and enhanced by the generosity of a truly international community of Byronists, Romanticists, and Philhellenists. The Messolonghi Byron Research Center extends a warm invitation to everyone who might like to consult its books, view its prints and other artifacts, or simply learn more about Byron, his circle, or the Greek War of Independence here in the town where Byron died, a historic place made sacred by the Exodos of 1826, when the besieged citizens of Messolonghi heroically sacrificed their lives in the cause of freedom.

Professor M. Byron Raizis

Director of Studies for the Messolonghi Byron Research Center

Emeritus Professor M. Byron Raizis, University of Athens

As Director of Studies for the Messolonghi Byron and Philhellenism Research Center, I extend a hearty welcome to all scholars of English, postgraduate students, undergraduate students, and researchers in related fields; and invite them to consult the rich library and other precious holdings of our Center. All are welcome to the land where the concepts of Freedom and Democracy were first conceived and articulated.
It is a Byronist who has directed 59 dissertations and theses, in the United States and in Greece. I will be glad to offer my professional guidance and advice to those who desire them. Your stay in Messolonghi will be both, fruitful and memorable.

Dr Maria Schoina

Deputy Director of Studies for the Messolonghi Byron Research Center

Assistant Professor Maria Schoina, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Maria Schoina is lecturer in the Department of English Literature and Culture of the School of English at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on British and European Romanticism. She has presented several papers at international conferences and has published articles on Byron, the Shelleys, and on Romantic Philhellenism. Her book Romantic ‘Anglo-Italians’: Configurations of Identity in Byron, the Shelleys, and the Pisan Circle (Ashgate) came out in 2009.  She recently edited the Proceedings of the 35th International Byron conference in Greece (with Nic Panagopoulos, University of Athens) in a volume entitled The Place of Lord Byron in World History: Studies in His Life, Writings, and Influence (Edwin Mellen Press, 2012). Her research interests focus on English Romantic poetry, Romantic Philhellenism, Anglo-Italian literary and cultural relations, travel writing, history of the book, cultural and gender studies.

Contact Information
Assistant Professor Maria Schoina, Lecturer
Dept of English Literature and Culture
School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
541 24 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel. 0030 2310 997413, Fax: 0030 2310 997432

Professor M. Byron Raizis

Director of Hellenic Studies, for the Messolonghi Byron Research Center

Roderick Beaton, Koraes Professor of Modern Greek & Byzantine History, Language & Literature, King’s College London

Research interests
● ‘Historical poetics’ of the novel from ancient to modern times
● Greek national identity in the nineteenth century
● Byron and the Greek Revolution

Roderick Beaton graduated from Cambridge with a first degree in English Literature and a PhD in Modern Greek. He came to King’s in 1981 as Lecturer in Modern Greek Language and Literature, and in 1988 was appointed to the Koraes Chair. He has several times served as Head of Department and has been actively involved with the Centre for Hellenic Studies since its establishment in 1989 and in the Comparative Literature programme.
From October 2009 to September 2012 he has been appointed to a Major Leverhulme Fellowship, to work on a project entitled Byron’s War: The Greek Revolution and the English Romantic Imagination.

Mr. David McClay

Consultant Librarian for the Messolonghi Byron Research Center

Mr. David McClay, Senior Curator,
John Murray Archive, National Library of Scotland.

Research Center
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The Messolonghi Byron Research Center is a library dedicated to the scholarship of Lord Byron and other Romantic Era poets. The center has a growing library of 2000 books in English and Greek, devoted to critical theory, letters, poetry, and many other textual sources. Scholars, students, and enthusiasts are encouraged to use the extensive resources of the library while visiting the historical places of Lord Byron's last days. Messolonghi, Greece is a convenient three hour bus trip from Athens, Greece. This includes a scenic trip on the Peloponnesian peninsula and the new suspension bridge "Harilaos Trikoupis" connecting Rio and Antirio. The area is rich with historic and academic treasures and is a wonderful place to study Byron and Greece.

If you are a scholar or a student and you would like to use the Messolonghi Byron Research Center, please contact Rodanthi-Rosa  Floroufor details on available resources and arranging a visit. Please visit this website again to see developments regarding the Messolonghi Electronic Library and Digital Archive Project, or M.E.L., an on-line source for textual and digital materials devoted to early nineteenth century critical theory on Lord Byron and other Romantic Era poets.